Parent Liaisons

Family Liaisons serve as a link between families and schools.

They facilitate family-school communication, which empowers families to become more active partners in their children’s education.

The Role of Parent Liaisons

  • Welcome and orient families to the school and the community and familiarizing families with the school’s culture, policies, procedures, and practices.
  • Provide strategies parents can use to promote student achievement.
  • Involve families that may not traditionally take part in school activities and events.
  • Provide information to school staff that promotes understanding of students’ families and home cultures.

Typical tasks of parent liaisons include:

  • Linking families to school professionals and community resources.
  • Assistance with setting up conferences with teachers/counselor
  • Tools to establish relationships and communication with the school
  • Interpret/Translation services
  • Access to both on and off campus resources and services
  • Family events and workshops series

Our Family Engagement and Liaison Team:

Chinese/English Speaking Family Liaison:

Spanish/English Speaking Family Liaison: