Students & Families

At Monroe Elementary we work to bring equity to our student population. Monroe serves over 500 primarily Latino and Asian students, of whom 77% are socioeconomically disadvantaged and over 60% are English language learners.  Our support personnel and on-site services provide the assistance needed to give every student the opportunity for success.

Food Bank

Monroe School is one of 200 SF Food Bank sponsored sites that provide families with fresh produce and other grocery items. Every Wednesday volunteers set up a farmers’ market-style distribution that allows parents and other community members to select the foods that best meet their families’ needs.

Learning Support through Experience Corps

News story highlighting the Experience Corps volunteers at Monroe.

Student Success Team – SST

The SST is a problem solving and coordinating structure that assists students, families and teachers to develop positive solutions for maximizing student potential. It provides an opportunity for school staff, family members, community agencies, and other important people to present their concerns about an individual student, and through discussion and study, to plan a positive course of action, assign responsibilities and monitor results for a student/family.

Monroe’s SST is led by Principal Salas and the team members include Christian Dorn (our RSP) and Carmen Alvarado (our Social Worker).

School Nurse

Hanna Shrieve-Lawler

Additional Support Staff

Other valuable support personnel include reading/literacy specialists, a social worker, a psychologist, and a speech therapist. Please visit our Faculty and Staff page for contact information.

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