After School Programs

After school options include:

  • Excelsior @ Monroe EED: On-site, year-round care for K-5 (469-4771)
  • YMCA ExCEL Program: On-site at Monroe for K-5 (350-7647)
  • Buena Vista Child CareExCEL program at Buena Vista, BVCC picks kids up at Monroe (285-0221)
  • Excelsior Rec ConnectPick up at Monroe for K-5 (850-2490)
  • Boys and Girls Club: Pick up at Monroe for K-5 (334-2583)
  • Small group tutoring for students at risk with Monroe teachers

Excelsior Educational Center

We have on-site, year-round child care at the Excelsior @ Monroe. The EEC program is located downstairs at Monroe. See the secretary after school in the library for more information.



ExCEL After School Learning Program (Expanded Collaboratives for Excellence in Learning)

The ExCEL After School Programs mission is to create and sustain “safe havens” at public schools where students and community members can access expanded learning opportunities and integrated education, health, social service, and cultural programs in the out-of-school hours.

The Mission YMCA and the San Francisco Unified School District collaborate to offer structured time after school for children attending Monroe Elementary to receive a range of services that includes tutorial help, enrichment activities and recreation. Students must be recommended for the program by their teachers. The program fees are based on income.

The Excel program has 5 goals:
  • Improve literacy and math skills among African Americans, Latinos and English Language Learner students at risk of academic failure
  • Reduce isolation and improve coordination of program/services
  • Expand after school, weekend and summer enrichment opportunities for youth at risk of gang involvement and substance abuse
  • Expand access to and utilization of technology and telecommunications among youth and adults
  • Expand access to parenting education that supports positive youth and adult development