School Environment

Multilingual and Multicultural

Monroe is a happy, multilingual and multicultural K-5 school offering three academically aligned language programs. Monroe is flourishing with the help of talented teachers and staff, energized parent groups, special grants and school beautification projects.

Monroe’s school population mirrors that of San Francisco’s and we celebrate the diverse qualities that make up our school’s unique character. We are a community of language learners. Our three language strands weave together to create a rich tapestry of home cultures and languages where all students excel in high academic standards in Spanish Immersion, Chinese Bilingual or General Education English Instruction.

Monroe believes every person on campus is an educator, from each student, to each staff member, to the families that participate in our community. Our staff and administration collaborate closely to ensure true engagement and shared leadership from all cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

Every student is becoming a life long learner in an environment that nurtures students’ high academic achievement and love of learning. Classrooms are dynamic places where each child is challenged to reach her/his highest potential. Both teachers and students set academic and personal goals that are measurable and attainable. We are focused on equity and social justice, which allows us to give everyone the different resources they need for equality of outcomes.

Students at Monroe become critical thinkers, life long learners and citizens of the world. They are compassionate toward others, environmentally conscious, linguistically diverse, socially responsible and academically prepared to be our future’s leaders.

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