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Multilingual and Multicultural

Monroe is a happy, multilingual and multicultural K-5 school offering three academically aligned language programs. Monroe is flourishing with the help of talented teachers and staff, energized parent groups, special grants and school beautification projects.

Monroe’s school population mirrors that of San Francisco’s and we celebrate the diverse qualities that make up our school’s unique character. We are a community of language learners. Our three language strands weave together to create a rich tapestry of home cultures and languages where all students excel in high academic standards in Spanish Immersion, Chinese Bilingual or General Education English Instruction.

Monroe believes every person on campus is an educator, from each student, to each staff member, to the families that participate in our community. Our staff and administration collaborate closely to ensure true engagement and shared leadership from all cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

Every student is becoming a life long learner in an environment that nurtures students’ high academic achievement and love of learning. Classrooms are dynamic places where each child is challenged to reach her/his highest potential. Both teachers and students set academic and personal goals that are measurable and attainable. We are focused on equity and social justice, which allows us to give everyone the different resources they need for equality of outcomes.

Students at Monroe become critical thinkers, life long learners and citizens of the world. They are compassionate toward others, environmentally conscious, linguistically diverse, socially responsible and academically prepared to be our future’s leaders.



There are 5 TRIBES agreements at Monroe:

The students and staff follow these agreements. We encourage families to use these agreements at home as well.

  1. MUTUAL RESPECT: Respect each other’s property. Respect individual skills, talents and contributions. Respect individuals privacy (no rumors or gossip)
  2. ATTENTIVE LISTENING: Pay attention and look at the person who is speaking. Know when and how to take turns speaking in a group. Paraphrase what people have said to let them know they have been heard. Use appropriate body language in response to the speaker, like nodding and smiling.
  3. APPRECIATIONS / NO PUT DOWNS: Avoid put-down remarks and actions. Compliment, appreciate and recognize each other’s gifts.
  4. THE RIGHT TO PASS: Choose how much personal information we will share about ourselves in a group activity – still remain a part of the group.
  5. PERSONAL BEST / RESPONSIBILITIES: Always strive to do the very best of your ability at all times in every situation. Take ownership of your actions


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Monroe Elementary School Agreements

We are a TRIBES School…

Mutual Respect
Attentive Listening
Appreciations/No Put Downs
Personal Responsibility
Right To Pass

 School wide Agreements:

  • Students show mutual respect and attentive listening to all staff and peers.
  • Students use TRIBES agreements to solve their problems.
  • Fighting is not tolerated! If necessary, find a teacher for help.
  • Students show respect for property; school’s and the property of others.
  • Students use respectful language with staff and peers. (No insults or slurs)
  • Please leave toys, permanent markers, electronics, trading cards, balls from home, gum, candy, big bags of chips and soda at home. Cell phones must be silent and in a back pack.
  • Students stay on campus once they have arrived. They may not leave the school premises unless signed out by a parent.
  • Students leave school promptly after dismissal or stay in an after school program.
  • Restrooms are not play areas and should be kept clean. Please take a pass when going to the bathroom during class time and always go with a buddy!
  • Papers and trash are to be disposed of properly in the containers provided.
  • Students are not permitted to play or run on the stairs, the balcony, around the back of the building, or on the steps and railings of the bungalows.
  • Students need permission to enter the building during recess except to go to the downstairs bathroom.

 Recess and Playground Agreements:

  • Include all children who want to play in all games. Don’t leave people out!
  • No balls before the school day. No balls from home. Use an appropriate ball: Rubber balls for everything, basketballs in the basketball area, kickball in the kickball areas, and soccer on the soccer field.
  • Hold balls when bell is rung. Return them to the PE shed.
  • When the bell rings, walk to line once equipment is away. NO water/bathroom after the bell has rung.

Snacks: Eat healthy snacks during recess while sitting on the benches. Students are responsible for cleaning up after themselves. Throw trash in the trashcan, not the ground.

Clothing and backpacks: Leave your stuff on the edge of the playground for safety. Check the lost and found daily (cafeteria & library). Put your name on the inside of clothing.

Cafeteria Rules:

  • Choose 3 items, place items you don’t want in the box. Eat a whole lunch.
  • Wait to be seated until you are called and sit in the line order.
  • If you are getting school lunch, touch your picture.
  • Remain seated while eating and raise hand to go to the bathroom.
  • Use an indoor voice.
  • If you want seconds, raise your hand for permission to get some from the box.
  • Pick up after yourself; make sure your area is clean and wait for an adult to dismiss you.
  • Compost items like food and paper.
  • Throw away non-compostable food items, place cardboard tray on chair.
  • Walk while inside the building and going down stairs. [/tab] [tab title=”Spanish”]

Regelas De Comportamiento Escuela Monroe

Practicamos los acuerdos de TRIBES (tribus)

Respeto Mutuo
Oyentes Atentos
Apreciación/No insultos
Responsibildad personal
Derecho de paso

Acuerdos para la escuela

  • El estudiante demostrará respeto mutuo y escuchará atentamente a todos los miembros del personal.
  • Usarán los acuerdos de TRIBUS para solucionar sus problemas.  ¡No se toleraran peleas! Si es necesario busca la ayuda de un maestro/a.
  • El estudiante deberá respetar las propiedades de la escuela y de otros.
  • El estudiante deberá hablar respetuosamente al personal y a sus compañeros. (No insultos o burlas)
  • Por favor de dejar las siguientes cosas en casa: juguetes, marcadores, juegos electrónicos, tarjetas de juegos, pelotas de casa, chicles, dulce, bolsas grandes de papitas y sodas. Los celulares tiene que permanecer en su mochila.
  • Una vez que hayan entrado en el edificio los estudiantes no podrán salir de la escuela sin permiso de los padres.
  • Los estudiantes tendrán que abandonar la escuela al terminar el día (2:30) a menos que estén en un programa de después de clases.
  • Los baños no son área de juegos y deberán mantenerse limpios.
  • Papeles y basuras deberán ser depositadas en los barriles correspondientes.
  • No es permitido jugar o correr en las gradas, el balcón, o en la parte de atrás del edificio.
  • Los estudiantes necesitan permiso para entrar al edificio durante el recreo excepto para ir al baño en el primer piso.

Reglas del recreo y patio:

  • Todo estudiante que desee jugar debe ser permitido hacerlo. ¡No deje a nadie afuera del juego!
  • Use la pelota apropiada: pelotas de hule para todos los deportes, pelotas de basket solamente en el área de basket, pelota de balón pie en el área de balón pie, futbol, tenis, fútbol americano solamente en clase de educación física.
  • No juegue con la pelota una vez que haya tocado la campana. Regrésela al cuarto de PE.
  • Al tocar la campana, y regresar la pelota, camine hacia su fila. NO agua/baño una vez la campana haya sonado.

Meriendas: La merienda del recreo se debe consumir sentados en las bancas y al terminar los estudiantes son responsables de limpiar su área.

Ropa y mochilas: Para protección deje sus cosas en la orilla del campo de recreo.  Revise la canasta de las cosas perdidas (cafetería & biblioteca). Ponga su nombre de sus pertenencias.

 Reglas de la Cafetería:

  • Escoja 3 artículos, deposite lo que no desea en la caja. Trate de comerse todo.
  • Espere ser llamado para sentarse y mantenga el orden en la línea.
  • Si come el almuerzo de la escuela, toque su foto en la computadora de la cafetería.
  • Manténgase sentado durante el almuerzo, Levante la mano si desea ir al baño.
  • Hable con voz baja cuando esté en el edificio.
  • Si desea una segunda porción, levante su mano para levantarse y servirse de la caja.
  • Al terminar de comer asegúrese que su área quede limpia y espere le den permiso para salir de la cafetería.
  • Deposite los desperdicios en los basureros apropiados según el artículo (papel, plástico, etc.)
  • Tire los productos no-biodegradables y ponga los platos de cartón póngalos en la silla.
  • Camine en el edificio especialmente cuando baje las escaleras.

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  •  學生要尊敬老師和聽老師和教職員話。

  • 請學生使用學校(TRIBES)標準來解決問題。(彼此尊重, 留心聆聽, 不可貶低別人, 感恩和有放棄權).

  • 絕不允許任何人打架! 如有問題,找老师帮助。
  • 學生要尊重自己,尊重別人。
  • 學生說話時,要有禮貌,不可說貶低別人說話。
  • 請學生把不能涂改的筆、墨筆、玩具、有玩意的卡片、球、糖果、香口膠、汽水和薯片等留在家裏。學生可携帶手機回校, 但是一定要把鈴聲轉為”無聲” 並放在背包內。
  • 學生到達學校後, 必須留在學校裏,除非由父母簽字。
  • 放學後,如不留在課後活動,便可以回家。
  • 廁所不是玩耍的地方,并且應該保持乾淨。 在上課時間內需要去廁所的,要帶通行證和同學一起去!
  • 紙張和垃圾要扔到垃圾桶里。
  • 學生不可以在臺階,陽臺,課室的後面,或通道奔跑。
  • 在休息期間,學生需要教師允許,方可進入課室或去廁所。


  • 允許所有想玩遊戲的同學一起玩。不要冷落同學!
  • 上課前不準打球,不準帶球到學校。選用適當的球类及不同的球要到不同的地方打: 如橡膠球,籃球在籃球場,踢球到踢球 區域。足球,在足球場。
  • 當第一聲鈴響,要停止打球和歸還到運動室。
  • 當鈴聲響起,把歸還所有運動球类後,排隊回課室。當第二聲鈴聲響起後, 學生將不得再使用洗手間和去喝水。

 :在休息期間,坐在長凳上吃健康小食。 吃小食後,學生要負責清潔自己的垃圾。








~如想再添加食物, 請舉手待教職員允許。





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