Academic Overview


Monroe is proud of its three Academic Programs:

  • English Plus Pathway  The English language strand uses English as the sole language of instruction for both English native language speakers and English learners to achieve proficiency on the state standards.
  • Spanish / English Dual Language Immersion Pathway  The Immersion strands’ goals are bilingualism and biliteracy in Spanish and English for students from different language backgrounds while achieving proficiency on state standards.
  • Cantonese / English Biliteracy Pathway  The goal is for children from Cantonese speaking households to learn high levels of academic English for the core subjects, while maintaining and enriching their home language of Cantonese.

For more information on English Learner Pathways and English Language Development from SFUSDclick here.

Or, contact our Monroe parent liaisons who can talk to you about a program, or get you in touch with a current parent has experience with the program:

Parent Liaisons

You can also check out our ELAC – English Learner Advisory Committee



Monroe values the importance of an academic and well-rounded education. In addition to a rigorous curriculum, children are given many additional arts and enrichment opportunities, including:

  • Full time Visual Arts teacher for all grades
  • Dance for K-3
  • Music (Chorus) for K-3
  • World Dance for 4-5
  • Instrumental Music for 4-5
  • Weekly classes with Physical Education specialist
  • Tri-lingual school library visits weekly and/or bi-weekly
  • Field Trips to the Mission Science Center’s Excelsior Workshop
  • 1600-sq-ft garden that teachers can incorporate into their academic and science program and an outdoor classroom made of recycled and natural materials for hands-on science exploration.
  • Annual Mural Project with Create Peace Project designed by 5th graders with professional muralists and created with help from all grades.
  • Maker’s Workshop (optional) — weekly in the library during lunch recess

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