PTA General Meeting – Recap

Hello Monroe Community,

Thanks to all who were able to attend Friday morning’s PTA General Meeting. We had a great turnout (over 100 parents!) and saw a lot of NEW faces, which is great!

Below are highlights for those not able to attend:

— New PTA Co-President, Frank La, gave a presentation outlining the role of the PTA, what we fund, how we generate income, how we communicate with parents, and goals for the year. You can now find out what’s going on at the school at our new and improved website and on Facebook.

— The presentation is now available as a viewable and downloadable PDF on this website.  You can find a link to it on the PTA page or go to it directly by clicking here

— Treasurer, Mara Raider, presented the PTA’s 2013-2014 School Year Budget and it was approved, with an amendment to add funding for parent-run Monroe sports teams. The PTA goal for parent donations this year is $100 per family per year (or $20 per month). Families who can afford more are encouraged to give more to subsidize low-income families.  You can view/download a PDF of the final budget by clicking here.

— Parent Liason intros (Jose / Maggie Zhou)

— ELAC intros (Carolina)

— Sunday Streets / Excelsior Festival is September 29, 12- 4: we need volunteers to bake and sell goods and raffle tix (see David Johnston)

— Fall Fest is Saturday, October 26, 12-4: we will need everyone to help (see Sara Scanlan; first planning meeting is Weds, Sep 18th at 6pm in the cafeteria.)

— School Site Council – administration/parent/teacher reps make important decisions for the school and elections are coming up.

— YMCA is improving their afterschool programs (see Javier or Laura Padilla).

— SF Bicycle Coalition & Safe Routes to School events are ongoing or scheduled (Nancy Buffum).

Thank you,

Faith Raider
PTA Co-Secretary

Thank You for Making Play Streets a Success!

Thanks to everyone who helped make our Play Streets event yesterday as huge success! Here is an article online from Saturday’s SF Chronicle, including a dorky quote from me and fotos of Ms. S., Javier Guzman from the Y, and many of our students: SFGate Link.  (It also made the print version of the Sunday’s SF Chronicle!)

Thanks especially to Frank La for organizing, Sara Scanlan for her graphic design, Silvia Marquez for making delicious tamales, Rose Medallin for setting up; our awesome street crossing guard volunteers: Ms. Sandra, Todd King, Michael Rosenfeld, Felix and Gustavo Vasquez; our generous welcome table/food sales volunteers: Frank La, Mara Raider, Cathy Lam, David Johnston, Jeanette Anders, Michael Rosenfeld, Jerome Palma

Lots o’ fun!

Play Streets for All – Sat., Sept 6th

Everyone is invited to a neighborhood block party hosted by the Monroe PTA this Saturday, 12-4, on Lisbon Street in front of the school. The block will be closed to traffic, and there will be games, sports, a climbing wall, skateboards, water balloons, etc.  Its gonna be HOT, so bring your water squirters and be ready to get soaked!


Our new website

Welcome to our new website! It’s still in a work-inprogress phase, but we hope to have it complete my early October. Please feel free to make suggestions or comments. We are trying hard to make it user-friendly and informational and easily updatable. AS you may notice, we have also integrated a translation function/pull down menu (via Google Translate) at the top of each page.