Monroe Elementary School PTA is a registered nonprofit (501-3c) that offers academic support and enrichment opportunities for our students. Every dollar you donate goes directly to supporting the students and the school. All donations are fully tax-deductible (see tax EIN info below).

This year funding is very short, so we could really use your support to fill in those gaps. The two best ways to make a donation to the Monroe PTA are with PayPal and checks.

We are encouraging families to commit to a $20 per month donation, however, donations of any amount are welcomed.



Please send your donation checks in one of the following ways:

  • Enclose your check in an addressed envelope and put it into the PTA folder in the school office.
  • Hand it to a PTA officer.
  • Mail it to the following address:

Monroe Elementary School PTA
260 Madrid Street
San Francisco, CA 94112

Matching Corporate Donations

Many employers have programs through which they will match the charitable donations made by their employees. Through corporate matching, your employer can multiply your gift to the Monroe PTA and make it go further. Check with your employer’s Benefits department to see if they offer gift matching. If your employer offers this program, your Benefits department should be able to provide you with a matching gift form that you can send to us. Some employers use Web-based services to automate this procedure.

Tax Deductibility

Since the Monroe PTA inherits its non-profit status from PTA California Congress of Parents, donations to the Monroe PTA are fully tax-deductible.

Here are the official name and Federal Tax EIN number:

Monroe Elementary School PTA


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