Fall Fun Fest – Oct 26th – Volunteer Sign Up

Greetings Monroe Community,

We hope the school year has started out well for you and your families.  The Monroe PTA has been busily working to organize a number of programs and events for this community, the largest of which is the annual Fall Fun Festival which will take place this year on Saturday, Oct. 26th.  Despite the ongoing construction, we do still intend to have this event on school grounds so that it can again be enjoyed by members of the extended Monroe neighborhood.  We will need to reconfigure some things and possibly move some of happenings indoors, but we want to be sure that the Fall Fest tradition continues.

Last year the Fall Fest raised almost $7,000 for the school, making it one of our most (if not the most) important programs.  As most returning parents know, it takes a huge effort by the entire Monroe community to make it happen.  So again this year we are asking for your help with the event. We are looking for help with set up and take down, booth leaders, and booth 1-hour “shift workers” (of course, feel free to sign up for more than one shift).

For those of you who are new to Monroe, the Fall Fest is a really fun, family-friendly, community-building event. Volunteering for it is a great way to support Monroe while also getting to know parents, Monroe staff, and surrounding community members.

Volunteer Sign-up form available online here.

To claim your booth simply fill in your name and email/ph number under your chosen booth heading on the Fall Fest Sign Up Form.

NOTE: If you do not wish to make you contact info public, please just fill in your name and then email your contact info to your Fall Fest Chairpersons (Sara Scanlan & David Johnston).


Fall Fest planning meetings will be held over the next few weeks. Our first meeting will be Weds, 9/18 at 6pm in the cafeteria.   

Please contact Sara or David if you have any questions or comments.

Thanks so much for all you do for Monroe!


Sara Scanlan (srscanlan@yahoo.com) and David Johnston (david.m.johnston@gmail.com)