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Back to School: Technology and Essentials!

My students need some back to school essentials: iPad center for learning and fun, headphones, new chairs to replace broken ones, and Scholastic News to learn about current events!

My Students

Technology is an essential component of 21st century classrooms, and in public schools, technology is hard to come by. I would love to develop an iPad center in my classroom to support the students as they learn to research, as well as support students new to the country as they develop English.

Our classroom is a Spanish Immersion classroom in San Francisco with students from various backgrounds coming together to learn in both English and Spanish. We have a strong belief that all students will become bilingual and biliterate, as well as respectful of many different cultures. 75% of the students are English Learners and are disadvantaged socioeconomically. Even with many challenges and differences, the students are collaborative, curious and creative!

My Project

An iPad center will allow students to work in groups to develop better research skills. They can ask and answer their questions about Science and Social Studies topics, as well as current events. Also, with several students new to the country, the iPad center can provide a resource for reading and developing English skills. The Scholastic News subscription is a tried and true resource for students to learn about the world, and it piques their interest in new topics to continue researching. The noise canceling headphones allow students to have better concentration during independent work times. Finally, over time, my students’ chairs have begun to fall apart – some students are currently sitting on chairs that pinch the backs of their legs. Ouch! Unfortunately, our school budget is so tight that we need to find other ways to fund the basics!

Our classroom will become a more dynamic place with better access to technology.
The iPad center will allow students to be able to work collaboratively to improve their reading and research skills in both Spanish and English. Also, newcomer students will have a resource to quickly develop their everyday English skills. The access to Scholastic News will improve their understanding of current events. And finally, the chairs and earphones will make their independent work time more focused.

Details and link to make donation here.

Thank you for your support!

Monroe PTA